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WTF Demographic Mashup

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Okay, so we made fun of Vice / Virtue / earlier for taking any and all baby-boomer dollars with their “open door” co-branding approach. But really, we’re joking on the lazy agency mentality of outsourcing youth-targeted digital advertising to Vice, who have been selling-out for so long that they’re essentially a joke. But this new one really takes the cake. It’s like they’re making jokes for us.

This bewildering demographics mash-up of AMC, as in American Movie Classics and Vice is pretty clear. AMC wants to re-brand themselves as hip and edgy and Vice wants their money. So somebody sat down and googled “hip youth brand takes money?” It’s like that same, lazy approach that an aspiring creative took in putting a spec for Fancy Feast up on dong-saturated ChatRoulette (last week’s youth-trend buzzword). For those of you who think AMC is all about Mad Men, let’s take a look at today’s schedule…

Exclusively Westerns and WWII, with some in black and white! And none of them made after the year 1972. Now let’s take a look at what Vice is up to…

Straight outta the drugs, tits and ironic hate mongering playbook! Who woulda guessed? At this rate LonerBoner is going get flown down to Boca Raton by Turner Classic Movies, to hand out Golden Girls pocket pussies at the Towne Center Mall. Apparently, that’s a proven brand-building cocktail to make everyone feel like they spent client money on being edgy and cool. Too bad Weezer beat everyone to the hipster / senior crossover potential of the Snuggie.

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