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HATEBOMB: Reboots, Remakes and Rip Offs

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Why is it, that everything in media right now operates like the female orgasm? In that repetition is favored over innovation.

It’s gotten to the point that movie sequels are now approaching number four and Parenthood is turned into a TV show. There’s no where left to go with the sequel mentality. In 2010, it has somehow become acceptable to just start over and blatantly remake the same stuff that is already available on DVD. The good news is, that the sequel clock is now reset.

Some “reboots” recently buzzed about, are restarting the Spiderman franchise with the director of 500 Days of Summer, redoing Superman (ignoring Bryan Singer’s earlier reboot), Conan The Barbarian, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Red Dawn, Highlander, Jurassic Park, RoboCop, Daredevil… And that’s just the list mentioned this week. Sadly, the vacuous approach of just duplicating hits also basically sums up every advertising agency creative working today.

This cultural descent extends from movies to the very essence of advertising and baby-boomer marketing think – “just duplicate what’s popular.” Hence the all the recent spots from Coke, Apple and Pedigree looking remarkably similar to foreign ads and music videos. Some examples after the jump…


(side by side comparison )

Apple vs Music Video

(side by side – down to the very second)


And we’re not even going to get into Absolut, Gatorade or that Grammy Awards ad from a month ago that was a redux of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ad…

So the warning signs are all here. In fact, if critical voices like LonerBoner fall to the wayside, the entirety of Western Civilization is going to be reduced to these fucks.

JEDWARD “Under Pressure”


Call up Edward Gibbon. Maybe he can document what’s happening in 2010, in a way that makes some sense. But for now, say what you want about JEDWARD. They seem to blend together MC Hammer, Hype Williams and Queen. That sort of earnest pastiche mashup, is the Photoshop signature of every millennial media superstar – Moby, Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze and anyone else who uses “cut n’ paste” as their aesthetic.

From 2000-2009, the challenge was to curate several media influences into something new. Now it’s like, “let’s just put out the same… exact… shit…” Does that make Kinko’s a contender for Agency of the Year in 2010?

Fuck everyone in media. Seriously.

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